How do I build a new Non-Stock Item in PlusCentral?

How do I build a new Non-Stock Item in PlusCentral?

In order to create a new Non-Stock Item on PlusCentral please follow the below steps:

1. Non-Stock Item Details

Non-Stock Sales Items are menu items consisting of two or more stock items, and it can also be linked to reduction recipes that will reduce stock every time it is sold on the Point of Sale in the outlet. Non-Stock Sales items do NOT hold any inventory in the Stores. Create a new Non-Stock Item by clicking on the "Add" button and completing the following fields:
  1. Code: Type in the Non-Stock item code of your choice between 1 - 10 characters. 
  1. Description: Type in the description of the Non-Stock item, this description will appear on the POS button menu when added. Please note this field can only accept up to 25 characters.
  1. Bar Code: This is an optional field where the bar code will be assigned automatically by clicking on the "New Bar Code" button. 
  1. GL Number: This is an optional field, the user can add the General Ledger number for the Non-Stock item.
  1. Tax Code 1: Select the tax code from the lookup list by clicking on the lookup button.
  1. Tax Code 2: This is an optional field, this should only be completed when the system is installed in a foreign country that might have two different tax systems. Select the 2nd tax code from the lookup list by clicking on the lookup button.
Please note
 Do not put the tax code in twice as VAT will then be extracted twice.
  1. Group: Select the group from the lookup list by clicking on the lookup button. These group codes can also be seen as revenue departments and examples are food, beverage and curios.
  1. Category: Select the category for the Non-Stock item from the list by clicking on the lookup button, the category will assist the user when searching for Non-Stock items and when filtering reports. Category examples are Beers, Soft Drinks, Mains, Desserts.
  1. Sub Category: This is an optional field used to further define stock items categories, click on the lookup button and select from the list. For example if the Category code is Beers the Sub Category can be Local Beers.
  1. Sub Units:  The sub units are usually set = 1.
  1. Latest Cost Price: Enter the cost price for the Non-Stock Sales item sold, remember the cost price amount entered is exclusive of VAT.
  1. Selling Price: Enter the selling price for the Non-Stock Sales item, remember the selling price amount entered is inclusive of VAT. If no selling price is defined the user will be required to type in the selling price when the item is sold on the Point of Sale.
  1. OR Surcharge: If this Non-Stock item is sold then a surcharge percentage will be posted based on the current bill total.
  1. Alternative Selling Price: When the same item is sold at different Outlets with different prices, the Outlet can be set to "Use Alternative Item Price". The user will then enter an alternative selling price in this field (inclusive of VAT). Once activated the Outlet will revert to the alternative selling price for ALL the stock items in the system.
  1. Staff Price: This is the selling price that will be used if a Point of Sale Table is defined as a staff table using the "Enable Staff Pricing" option from the POS Control menu.
  1. Stop Selling: When this tick is activated POS users will not be able to sell the item from their menu. The on-screen button will be disabled and a picture of a lock will display on the button.
  1. Require Authorisation:  When activated supervisor authorisation is required before the item can be sold.
  1. POS Button Picture: After the Non-Stock item is saved in the system you can add a picture from anywhere on the PC or network by clicking on the "Load Image" button. To remove the picture from the stock item the user should select the "Clear Image" button.
  1. Suppress Text on button:  When ticked the written description will be removed from the POS button should this stock item be sold on the POS menu, this has to be activated when a POS button picture is selected.
  1. Button Colour:  Should this item appear on the POS menu, a POS button colour can be added by clicking on the lookup button and making the selection from the list of colours. 
  1. Pop-up: Should this item appear on the POS menu a pop-up created in the system can be linked to this item by clicking on the lookup button and selecting the pop-up from the list. Please see How to create Pop-ups for further information.
  1. Requisition Printer:  This is a printer in the sales outlet that receives the orders, select the requisition printer by selecting the number from the lookup button. All the requisition printers will be numbered under the Workstation Menu. If no Requisition Printer is defined then the item will be printed using the default printer defined on the Category code.
  1. POS Lookup Number:  Every Sales Outlet has a "POS Lookup Number". Items with the corresponding lookup number will be displayed when doing an item lookup. This is to ensure that only the relevant outlet's items and not all items are displayed on the item lookup. Select the POS lookup number from the lookup button
When the above mentioned fields are completed, click on the "Save" button to save the changes made.

2. Item Reductions
  1. When stock items needs to be reduced with every transaction i.e. a glass of wine the item reduction links need to be in place. Reductions are usually added for Beverage items that require a recipe when made such as cocktails, shooters and glasses of wine.
  1. To add reductions click on the "Add Reduction Item"  button and select the unit amount as well as the stock item from the lookup list to reduce when this item is sold.
  1. For example: "Reduce 0.34 units of stock item from the item Porcupine Ridge Merlot".
  1. When the link is saved in the system it will appear as a single line, the next item reduction can now be added.
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