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            How do I correct Bad Sales batches in PlusCentral?

            In order to correct a Bad Sales batch the below steps need to be followed: 
            1. Sales Batches
            1.  Navigate to  Processing -> Stock Processing -> POS Sales import.  
            1. After importing a Sales Batch should any items process in error they will be listed in the "Bad" column. .
            1. You will need to select the same batch (by checking the date) that has gone into the "Bad" column and select "View Batch" to view the details. The Stock Items that have been processed with an error will be listed.
            1. The majority of the issues originate from the Stock Items not having the "Outlet to Store Association" defined. Simply put this means that the system does not know from which Store to deduct the sold stock.
            1. Navigate to Administration -> Stock Administration -> Stock Items. Search for these items found on the "Bad batches", and add all of the applicable "Outlet to Store Association" details for all Outlets / Store setups in your system.
            1. Once this has been added go back to the POS Sales Import menu and the "Bad" column, select the "Re-instate" button which will put the batch back on the "New" tab. Select the batch again and select "Process Sales Batch".
            1. The items should process successfully and there should be no batches remaining in the "Bad" column.

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