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            How do I create a Draught or Keg in PlusCentral?

            Please see the below steps on how to create a Draught or Keg setup in PlusCentral:
            1. Stock Items:
            1. Navigate to Administration -> Stock Administration -> Stock Items.
            1. Click on the "Add" button and complete all the mandatory fields.
            1. Enter the Sub units as 1, and the cost and selling price of the whole Draught or Keg.
            1. In the internal and external quantity multiplier fields enter either 30L or 50L, depending on the different size Kegs. 
            1. Next link the Keg to the relevant stores by completing the Store Levels, and complete the Outlet to Store Association.
            2. Non-Stock Item
            1. The selling of the draughts, be it 500ml draughts or 300ml draughts, will be built as Non-Stock sales items.
            1. Navigate to Administration -> Point of Sale Administration -> Non-Stock Items.
            1. Click on the "Add" button and complete all the mandatory fields.
            1. Enter the selling price for one 300ml draught. 
            1. Next click on the "Item Reductions" tab and click on the "Add Reduction Item" enter 0.5 (if its a 500ml glass) or 0.3 (if its a 300ml glass) to reduce from the Keg built as a stock item in the previous step. 
            As these items are sold the specific amounts of the actual stock item will be reduced when you process your daily sales batch.

            There is always an amount for spillage that will need to be factored in. There is no additional configuration for this spillage but at month end you should have an amount left over on the theoretical level of the keg.

            You can process a manual 'Reduction' in PlusCentral, allocation as spillage, to reduce this correctly and have no variances shown for your month end process.
            Updated: 29 Apr 2019 05:18 PM
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