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            How do I do a Theoretical Level Rebuild in PlusCentral?

            In order to do a Theoretical Level rebuild the below steps need to be followed:
            1. Theoretical Level Rebuild
            A Theoretical Level Rebuild might be required should the theoretical levels not reflect correctly on the Stock Reports.
            1. Navigate to Administration -> Stock Administration -> Stores.
            1. Select the required Store (e.g. CELL - Cellar) and right click on it. An option for 'Theoretical Level Rebuild' will be displayed.
            1. All other users should be logged out of PlusCentral. Once they are logged out you can run the Rebuild process. 
            1. You can choose to run it for 'All stores' or only the selected Store. Once completed it will state 'Rebuild Store - Done' and you can click 'OK' to proceed.
            1. After running this function generate the required report (for example Movement Report or Item Activity Report) again and compare the Theoretical Level with the closing level to see if the variance has changed or has remained the same.

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