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            How do I find my Delivery invoices in PlusCentral?

            To see all committed Delivery invoices please see the below steps:

            1. Reports
            1. Navigate to Reports -> Stock Take Reports -> Deliveries Reports.
            1. Select the appropriate Store and financial period, the current period refers to deliveries committed within the current period, the user can also untick this box and select another period and year to view historical results. 
            1. Alternatively select the Date range filter and select the deliveries created within particular dates.
            1. If a specific Delivery number, supplier and item needs to be reported on these fields can be completed, if left blank all deliveries, suppliers and stock items will be printed.
            1. Click on the "Print" button to print all the committed Deliveries.

            Updated: 29 Apr 2019 09:22 PM
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