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            How do I record stock wastage or breakages in Pluscentral?

            In order to record stock wastage or breakages the below steps need to be followed:
            1. Reductions
            Reductions are used to record stock wastage or breakages. A reduction is a write off, this is usually done when stock items are expired or damaged and cannot be sold. This function will remove the stock items from the Store inventory, and Stock levels will be affected. The level of each item will be decreased in the selected store by the amount indicated in the "Sub Units" column of the Reduction. 
            1. To create a Reduction click on Processing -> Stock Processing -> Reductions.
            1. Click on the "Add" button when the Reduction header details window appears enter the Store where the stock has to be reduced from and select the allocation reason from the lookup list.
            1. Please see step 2 to on how to build Allocation Codes, should you not have existing codes.
            1. A reference number can also be added to the Reduction.
            1. Click on the "Ok" button to proceed. In order to add stock items to the Reduction the lookup list is used to search for items.
            1. You can select the items by clicking on the stock item (highlighted in blue) and confirm by clicking the "Ok" button.
            1. Next enter the quantities or units of each item that needs to be reduced and remember to tab through the line onto the next line.
            1. Once all the items have been added click on the "Ok" button to proceed. The Reduction can still be deleted if it resides under the "Not Committed" status.
            1. To commit the Reduction select the "Commit this Batch" button on the task bar.
            1. A window will appear whereby the user can print the Reduction form. Reductions are legal documents that need to be signed and can be audited. 
            1. Stock Reports such as the Movement Report can be checked to confirm that the stock was reduced from the selected Store.
            2. Allocation Codes
            Allocation Codes are assigned to stock reductions so that reporting can be done to determine and control where stock is being used or written off. You will be able to categorise the different reductions by using the Allocation codes.
            1. To create a new Allocation Code click on the "Add" button, enter the code between 1 and 4 characters and type in the description in the appropriate fields. Examples of Allocation Codes are Wastage, Breakages or Expired Stock.
            1. Click on the "Save" button to save the new Allocation Code.

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