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            How do I reverse a Delivery in PlusCentral?

            In order to reverse a Delivery that was incorrectly processed on PlusCentral the below steps must be followed:

            1. Reversal/Credit Note
            1. Navigate to Processing -> Stock Processing -> Deliveries. 
            1. Duplicate the Delivery information incorrectly captured with the exception being the supplier invoice number and supplier invoice total. Here add the original invoice number together with the word "correction". The Supplier invoice total should have a (-) minus or negative amount entered.
            1. Select "Ok" as normal to create the Delivery which will now be a Credit Note in essence.
            1. To reverse the invoice captured incorrectly continue by processing a negative symbol/ minus in front of all the units and quantities of the stock items. Next check that all the stock items are correctly entered. Once you are sure all the details are correct click on "Ok" and then "Commit this Batch".
            1. The stock items would now have been removed from the Store. To confirm this please navigate to Reports-> Stock Reports -> Movement Report and check the store to ensure the items were reversed.
            1. You can then reprocess the Delivery correctly so that the correct items and amounts are captured and reflect correctly on the Delivery form.

            Updated: 03 Apr 2019 10:38 PM
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