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            What is the correct Month End procedure on PlusCentral?

            Please see the Month End Checklist steps below:
            1. Month End Procedure
            1. Before the Month End can be completed please ensure all Deliveries have been captured and committed.
            1. Ensure all Issues have been captured and committed.
            1. Ensure all Reductions have been captured and committed.
            1. Ensure all POS Sales Batches have been processed.
            1. Ensure all Manual Sales have been captured and committed.
            1. Create a Stock Take Sheet for each individual Store.
            1. Count Stock according to the Stock Take sheet unit or quantity breakdown for example: Kg or Lt.
            1. Capture stock counted on the Stock Take Sheet created in the previous step, and commit the sheet once completed.
            1. Print your Stock Movement Report and identify items with variances and possible problems.
            1. Recount the items if need be and confirm if variances still exists.
            1. Should items have been counted incorrectly Un-Commit the Stock Take, enter the correct amounts and recommit the Stock Take.
            1. Print the Movement Report again to confirm that all the items are now correct.
            1. Next should you interface with a PMS, print the Apex Revenue Report for the last day of the month and look at the total Food Revenue if you work on Consumption. 
            1. Post the Food Revenue in the previous step as a Manual Food Sale for the Kitchen Store to calculate your Food Cost.
            1. Once all of the above has been completed print the Store Summary Report to confirm the figures are correct.
            1. The Value Report, Movement Report and Stock Take Sheets can also be printed to ensure everything is correct before month end is done.
            1. Before running month end make a backup of the system.
            1. Next check each Store Period, thereafter proceed to run Month End for each Store.
            1. Check your Store periods and confirm that all the Stores are on the correct period and that they are all on the same financial period. All Stores should always be on the same period after month end. 

            Updated: 21 May 2019 05:37 PM
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